Jewelry Maintenance

Tips to look after your jewllery

How to Care for Gold

1)Remove your gold jewelry before showering, bathing, or cleaning. The exposure to soap and chemicals can dull the gold, necessitating more frequent cleanings. This is especially important if you're using abrasive cleaners, as fine gold is a soft metal and will scratch readily.

2)Handle your gold jewelry carefully, as delicate pieces and gem settings can also easily bend out of shape.

3)Buff your gold jewelry with a soft chamois cloth if it seems to be losing its luster. This might be enough to restore the shine right away, with no further cleaning necessary.

4)Wipe the gold gently with a very soft cloth.Vigorous scrubbing with a toothbrush could scratch your gold. Nevertheless, if you have a very heavily ornamented piece with many cracks and crevices, using a soft-bristled child's toothbrush may be the only way of getting it clean.

How to Take Care of Diamond 

1)Remove all diamond jewelry before performing any heavy-duty tasks. Taking off the jewelry will prevent mishaps such as knocking it, spilling cleaning chemicals on it, or causing any other physical damage. Tasks that should be done without wearing jewelry include: Gardening, working in the kitchen, cleaning the house, doing outdoor jobs and any heavy lifting work.
2)Apply your makeup before putting on your diamond jewelry. Lotions, perfumes, hairspray and cosmetics contain chemicals that can damage diamond jewelry. Only put the diamond items on after you have done with using these products.
3)Remove your diamond jewelry before you take a shower. Soap can form a layer of film on diamonds, which can quickly dull their radiance and appearance. Removing your diamond pieces before hitting the shower is an excellent way to prevent unscheduled servicing.
4)Remove your diamond ornaments before you take a swim. Whether you're a professional or an amateur swimmer, you should always ensure that chlorinated water does not interact with the metals and stones in your jewelry. To avoid any potential for structural damage, remove all of your diamond pieces before you enter a pool. It's best to leave them at home too, so that you don't have to worry about losing your valuables.
5)Remove diamond jewelry when playing contact sports. Any kind of hard blow can risk damaging your jewelry while playing contact sports. The chance that your diamond loosening up from its setting is high when you're pursuing hard-core sporting activities, so it is a good idea to leave your diamond rings, pendants and earrings at home before a game.

How to Care for Platinum  

1)Get platinum cleaning advice from a jeweler.
2)Evaluate the platinum you want to clean. If it is a piece of jewelry that combines platinum and gold, for example, you might need to clean it differently from pure platinum.
3)Use a commercial cleaner for platinum.
4)Have your platinum jewelry professionally cleaned by a jeweler if using a store-bought cleaner or homemade solution does not work.
5)Brush the cleaning solution onto tarnished jewelry with care.
6)Try removing grease from platinum combined with gold by dipping it in rubbing alcohol.

How to Care for Karat Gold  

1)Examine your jewelry for loose stones, damaged prongs or other imperfections. If you notice anything wrong with jewelry, stop cleaning it and take it to a jeweler. If you attempt to clean it, you could damage your jewelry or lose precious stones in the process. If you don't notice any damage to your jewelry, proceed with the cleaning process.
2)Remove grime and dirt from the Karat gold piece. Using an old toothbrush with a paste of baking soda and warm water, gently rub the toothbrush's bristles on the Karat gold piece to remove the dirt. Do not scrub hard or you may scratch the rhodium surface.
3)Rinse the Karat gold piece in warm water. If you are rinsing your jewelry in the sink, be careful that it does not go down the drain. Be sure to rinse off all of the detergent and baking soda solution.
4)Dry the Karat gold using a soft towel or jewelry polishing cloth. Get the Karat gold completely dry. Rub the jewelry with the towel or cloth to polish it. Be careful not to rub it too hard, though. Excessive rubbing can cause scratching.

How to Take Care of Pearls  

1)Put your pearls on last and take them off first. As an organic gem composed of calcium carbonate, pearls are more vulnerable to the chemicals found in cosmetics, hair spray, and perfume. Dress, style your hair, apply your make-up, and spray on your perfume before you put on any pearl jewelry.
2)Gently wipe your pearls with a soft cloth after you remove them for the day. A pearl's luster can be damaged by even the smallest amount of perspiration. Removing your sweat from the pearls after each use helps preserve their luster.
3)Immediately wipe your pearls clean with a soft cloth if they get exposed to acid. Acid can come in the form of sweat, perfume, fruit juice, vinegar, or a number of other substances. The acid will break down the crystallized calcium of the pearl, ruining its luster and causing long-term damage.

How to Take Care of Gemstones  

1)Remove your jewelry while doing housework, gardening or other manual jobs.
2)Avoid exposing your gemstone jewelry to harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach.
3)Clean regularly. Whether you wear your gemstone jewelry regularly or occasionally, it needs proper cleaning to keep it shining and in good condition.
4)Once you have cleaned the gemstones, take a piece of jewelry cloth or muslin cloth and wrap the jewelry in it.
5)Store each piece of jewelry in separate compartments so that they will not scratch each other. Gemstones are hard but other sapphires, rubies, or diamonds can scratch them. And they might scratch other soft stones.
6)Keep your jewelry in a cool place away from direct sunlight or heat. Heat may alter the metal setting or could cause cracks into the stone.

How to take care of Jade  

1)Keep away from heat and direct sunlight
2)Jade is hard, but avoid direct scratch with hard surfaces
3)Clean jade with a soft cloth and store in separated cells
4)Clean with warm water only

How to Take Care of Silver  

How to Take Care of Silver
1)Check your jewelry pieces thoroughly. Look for any loose stones, clasps, or chain links that may have come loose. If something is loose, keep it aside to get fixed, the cleaning may loosen it and you may end losing the stones or risk breaking the jewelry altogether.
2)Soak your jewelry in a solution of warm soapy water. With a soft bristled toothbrush, wash away all the accumulated grime and oil taking care to be gentle always.
3)Rinse with clean tap water and pat dry gently and thoroughly with a lint free cloth.
4)Use any white tooth powder to get your jewelry to a buff shine. Take a small tray, sprinkle some tooth powder on it, place one jewelry piece on it, take a clean cotton ball dust some powder on it too, and polish away. Soon you will see the tarnish disappearing and your silver sparkling as new.
5)Store your jewelry. Store your freshly cleaned, mint-smelling silver jewelry in an airtight container lined with cotton wool or felt. Take care to store each piece separately to minimize scratching and entangling of jewelry, avoiding any breakage and damage.