Investment Products

What to Invest in CuiHua

With over 100 years of history, CuiHua jewelry Limited was originated from ShenYang Cuihua gold shop, which was established in 1895. CuiHua is a member unit of ShangHai Gold Exchange Center (Membership No: 0066 ), hence there is a lot of advantages investing in CuiHua gold product.


Main investment product:

Gold bar

Other investment products:

Gold brick   Gold acer   Gold coin  

Financial adviser line: 024-24864333 

Product advantage :

CuiHua has the biggest professional manufacturing center of northeast China. With lowest weight of 10g, CuiHua provide a huge various choices of investment products.

Quality advantage:

All CuiHua investment produces are self-produced which guarantees quality. All materials are from ShangHai gold exchange center which guarantees purity. All manufacturing processes have passed ISO9001:2000 international quality assurance management standard. 

Price Advantag:

All materials are directly from Shanghai Gold Exchange center, which guarantees best price for CuiHua investment product.

Brand advantage:

CuiHua was the only jewelry brand that are titled as “Time-Honored Brand”, “China Top Brand” and “Well-Known Trademark” by State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

Service Advantages:

Royal jewelry brand with excellent service reputation of hundreds of years.