History of Hundred Years

  • AD 1895

    CuiHua brand was originated from ShenYang Cuihua gold shop, which was established in 1895 (21st year of GuangXu Period, Qing Dynasty).  Cuihua gold shop was first located at ChuYi Hutong, Shenyang Forbidden City and is one of a few jewelry brands with centuries of history. 

  • Sail out

    In TongZi Period, Qing Dynasty, YuWen and a few other businessman founded “YiDeSheng gold shop” at DaXiGuan, which is the first jewelry shop in Shenyan. In Guangxu Period, many jewelry shop was founded on SiPing street and ChuYi Hutong. As time pass by and dynasty successions, most jewelry shops had been forgotten, only few survived. CuiHua, which was known as the “best jewelry store of the north”, is the only jewelry shop that still exists after hundreds of years. 

  • AD 1921

    Between AD 1912 and AD 1921, CuiHua opened branches on Haerbin outer third avenue, the fifth avenue, ZhongFu street of AnDong (DanDong), NanMan Station of Shenyang. Altogether there were six branches.

  • Grows

    With efficient operation, excellent product quality and material purity, CuiHua soon made decent profit from gold bars and acers. At the same time, CuiHua investigated gold market of TianJin and ShangHai and adjust strategy accordingly. With 15 million turn over and over 300 employees, CuiHua become the largest jewelry brand during AD 1920 to AD 1930.

  • AD 1930

    Because of excellent product quality, jewelries with CuiHua stamp can be exchanged for full price in all other jewelry stores. Even jewelry stores in bigger cities like BeiJing, TianJing and ShangHai. CuiHua was dedicated to innovation and technology improvement, which make it quickly become popular over the nation for its unique design and style.

  • Innovation

    High quality standard and good reputation was CuiHua’s secret to success. CuiHua became famous in jewelry industry.  CuiHua also promised “Well, genuine goods at a fair price”, which won more and more trust amongst the customers. Because of good quality and reputation, CuiHua was the first choice for royal customers and soon designated as royal jewelry maker. Celebrities like Zhang ZuoLin, Sun LieZhen, Zhang Zuoxiang, Wu JunSheng, Tang YuLin, Ji JinCun, Gan ChaoYun, Zhang JinHui, Wang YongJiang, Zhang ZhongChang, Qi EnMing were all customers of CuiHua.

  • AD 1934

    On 1934, the last emperor of china inaugurated the grand enthronization ceremony in ChangChun. The ceremony requires imperial robe and crown. After carefully consideration, the royal family designated the task to CuiHua.

  • Royal brand

    From cultural relics point of view, the Crown reflected the highest grade of jewelry making technology of its time. The emperor’s brother Pujie presented a hand-writing “CuiHua Golden Shop” plaque to show his gratitude for the perfect crown. Many celebrities of the time was very fond of CuiHua jewelry, including calligrapher LiXi, who presented a couplet to express his respect to CuiHua’s design and technique. CuiHua was truly “The best jewelry brand of the north” amongst customers.

  • 2004 – 2005

    CuiHua was the first brand that acquired ISO9001 certificate in the northeast China. On November 2004, CuiHua acquired “Chinese famous brand” title. On March 2005, CuiHua became a member of ShangHai Gold Exchange. CuiHua also became manager director unit of China Gold Association, Vice-Chairman unit of China Jewels Jewelry industry association, Chairman unit of ShenYang Gold Jewels Jewelry Association, Chairman Unit of ShenYang Time-honored Brand Association. CuiHua Also acquired “Chinese Customer Society Unit” title for many years. CuiHua is the only brand with this tile in LiaoNing.

  • Intangible cultural heritage

    CuiHua’s filigree craft is listed as China national intangible cultural heritage. Filigree craft is the most advance jewelry inlaying technique, also one of royal honored jewelry making techniques. Filigree craft inherited traditional culture, and it is also the representation of nobility and royalty.

  • 2006 – 2007

    On September 2006, CuiHua gold shop was titled as “China Time-Honored Brand” by National Department of Commerce. CuiHua was the only brand with the title in the north China. In 2007, CuiHua acquired “China National Famous brand ” title.

  • The ever popular fortune bead

    In 2006, CuiHua designed a series of gold bead products, which was branded as “Fortune beads”. The trend of wearing fortune bead started from northeast China, and quickly become very popular over the whole nation. The fortune bead brought a very profitable year for the whole gold jewelry industry of the nation.

  • 2009

    In 2009, CuiHua brand was titled as “Well-Known Trademark” by State Administration for Industry and Commerce. CuiHua is the first brand received this honor in northeast China. Since then, CuiHua become one of very few brands that were entitled “China Time-Honored Brand”, “China Top Brand” and “Well-Known Trademark” in jewelry industry. In the same year, CuiHua made major investment in its subsidiary in ShenZhen, the center of China jewelry industry. This represented CuiHua stepped into national market.

  • Jewelry exhibition

    In September 2007 on ShenZhen international jewelry exhibition, CuiHua is the only brand from northeast China for many years. CuiHua’s 12 meter high, Qing dynasty style exhibition booth was the most attractive feature of the whole exhibition. The pure gold underwear was the only one of its kind in China, which attracted great attention from national and international medias. November 2007 on BeiJing international jewelry exhibition, CuiHua supervise the industry again by a filigree crafted pure gold tie. In the following years, CuiHua continuously brought new products, such as gold Chinese chess set, gold tiger, gold rose, gold vase, gold shoes, to represent its advanced technology. After a hundred years, CuiHua is still leading the field.

  • 2014

    On November 4th, 2014, Cuihua was listed on  mainland A-share market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock code: 002731) and become the first jewelry brand that successful pass IPO.

  • 2015

    In 2015 on Milan world expo, CuiHua presented two unique designs, “break away from chrysalis” and “softly winds fingers”. Because  in-depth understanding of wedding culture and brilliant technique, CuiHua won the third of wedding jewelry prize and the most creative award.

  • The rising

    History shows future, the culture CuiHua inherited reflected in its brilliants today. CuiHua will focus on branding building,make CuiHua a national and international well-known brand, this is the dream and expectation of CuiHua for many generations. With it hundred years of history, CuiHua will create magnificent glories once again in the new century!