Become one of CuiHua franchise family

Term and conditions

1)Recognize CuiHua’s concepts and perceptions, respect national laws. Innovated, reputable and has desire to success.
2)Good experience of running retail business, or sales experiences. Plenty of capital for operating a franchise store or a counter. The amount of investment must not be lower than CuiHua franchise standard.
3)Understand CuiHua’s commercial model. Accept, understand and abbey CuiHua’s franchise rules and regulations.
4)Apply area does not currently have a CuiHua franchise store.
5)Cooperate with CuiHua’s main events and activities.
6)Take training from CuiHua, and operation according to CuiHua Standard.
7)Has the ability to provide good quality services and professional services.

Franchise Support

1)Store design  
Provide design layout, design effect, internal design draft etc.
2)Area protection policy
Cuihua’s area policy provide maximum protection for the benefits of franchise members. The number of stores in Major cities and high streets are strictly controlled.
3)R & D support
Franchise members have the priority to order new products and designs, which guarantee member’s competitive advantages.
4)Commercial support
Free leaflet design, poster designs etc.
5)Marketing support
Free sales strategy and events planning.
TV commercials on CCTV and internet etc.
6)Training support  
Regular free training sessions for franchise members. Improve sales and communication skill. Keep product, service and brand consistency. Provide operation and management advises.
7)Information support
Provide internet information management system support. Share information through company websites and IT infrastructure.  
8)Logistic support
Provide efficient logistic and delivery, guarantee products on the counter as soon as possible.  
9)Operation support
Provide long-term advise and information, keep franchise member’s competitive advantage.
Provide annual marketing and sales plan. Regular surveillance operation efficiency.

Steps to join us 

1:Fill in and submit application form.
2 : CuiHua will conduct a careful evaluation of the applied area.
3:Provide evaluation results to the applicant, given final decision and advise.  
4:Sign franchise contract at CuiHua.
5:Help to start up, provide information and operation advises.

Franchise direct line:024-88563999, 0755-25519888